Monday, April 25, 2011

Peekaboo, I see you!

Peekaboo - Kikar Malchei Israel 8 Tel-Aviv. Steak-bar Restaurant.

A sweet napkin for Peekaboo - Steak-bar and a restaurant. It was located in Kikar Malchei Israel  no. 8 (Malchei Israel square), now days Rabin square in Tel-Aviv. I couldn't find any information about this place or what's in its spot today. If you have any idea don't be shy and comment :)

Peekaboo - logo

The design is a mess but has it's grace. I really like the unique typography of the logo.
It seems like there was a so-so success with having a continuous visual language in this logo. Letters are also kinda wobbly so I guess it might be hand drawn. Still I really love the innovative design of the letter "Aleph" - א  (third from left).


I found the name Harpaz hiding in the corner. Is it the credit for the print house or the designer? If so, I think it's the first time I noticed a credit for a designer on a napkin.

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