Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Combat duck

Ducks in action
This 4 colors print is for Mamtak - cocoa spread manufactured by Mata food industries.
I have no idea how this spread tasted, but those ducks all over the napkin are not a good sign.
I don't know which one is a better choice, the crying duck (ugly duckling probably) or the soldier duck with the beret hat on the left. The one at the bottom seems like a nice dude, yet, no chocolate spread crave here.

Mata - Mamtak cocoa spread

Mata delicacies for your taste

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A new direction

From left to right: Metula, Jerusalem, Damascus, Malabes (nowdays it's Petach-Tikvah), Eilat, Bnei-Brak, Cairo, Bat-Yam, Haifa, Tel-Aviv

Cairo or Bat-yam?

I found this awesome napkin in these hectic days, when Israel's citizens are uprising and demanding social justice. Probably being inspired by the citizens in our neighbor countries of the Middle east.
The illustrated road signs show names of cities in Israel like Tel-Aviv and Haifa and also the cities Cairo and Damascus in a casual way, as if the whole Middle east has no borders..
I wonder if someone tried to implant a message there since the napkin is most likely to be from the early 60's when a trip to Cairo was only a wild dream. (A trip to Damascus still is a dream for me and many others I guess).

All those to Damascus to the left

I love this little police-man at the corners.. In the old days they used to stand in junctions and control the traffic instead of traffic lights. It looked something like this.