Sunday, May 1, 2011

A post royal wedding post

Gilton halls - were either in Tel Aviv or Ramat-Gan

After the royal wedding frenzy I felt things gotta be back in proportions. Spending 80 million pounds on a family event is something most of us will luckily never have to experience. Back in the 60's those who wanted a big and lavish wedding did it in event-halls. Big halls, usually decorated with tacky wallpapers, where the guests would sit around tables, enjoy the obligatory chicken while watching the young couple go all the way under the Chuppah.
This is one of a few event-halls napkins I have in the collection. Probably were collected at the event itself..

Gilton halls - logo

The randomly spaced typography around the logo indicates that it was probably hand written by someone with a good hand, yet no eraser. The messy logo combines the letters G and Gimel (ג) as for Gilton, plus some elements that are supposed to make it feel more royal (?).
I really wonder if there were any royal wedding napkins served at the table, and if they looked any better than this one.

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  1. Gilton was a 2-halls "complex" in Petach Tikva Road in Tel Aviv, close to Ramat Gan and across the road from Savidor train station.
    Operated at least since the late 1960's it was closed down in the late 80's I think and the place was converted to a bowling alley called Strike 90 that in the early 90's hosted heavy Mizrachi shows, like Ofer Levi before his breakout.
    The building was demolished a few years ago and a high rise residential is being built on the grounds.