Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Got a flight tonight

In the running year I've been finding myself up in the air sipping Bloody Maries and chocking on dust flavored marble cakes more than I could have ever imagined. Today, just recovering from a very long flight back to Tokyo, from the deeps of my jet lag haze,  I found some lovely napkins from the 60's skies.

El Al airlines, Israel's flag carrier's logo in his 60's version (just before it was recreated by the great designer Dan Reisinger in 1971). A simple one color print for this airplane napkin. Simple and elegant!

El Al airplane napkin (plus some Bloody Mary stains)

And a big one

Another napkin from a past El Al flight. This time you can see the logo after (or before?) some changes. The basic structure of the logo was mostly kept, but in this version the logo was built up from star-of-David fractals.. 
On the other side of the napkin you can also find the nicely adapted Hebrew logo.

 El Al star of david logo

We are all made of stars - the Hebrew version

The last flight napkin comes from Arkia - Israel's biggest inner flights company of those days.
The logo has also changed since, but still keeps the orange and blue principle.

Arkia - old logo

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