Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take me to the Milk-bar

Clockwise from top: Bon appetit, pudding bourekas, espresso sandwiches, blinchiki salads.

Milk bar - Tel aviv - Newe Shaanan 8
Zvika Milk-bar

One of the most popular hangout places in Israel of the 60's and 70's was the Milk-bar. A place you can enjoy a light meal and a milk-shake with your girlfriend at the times you couldn't go to the "real" bars.
Not so sure those places who offered pudding and bourekas had too much of the sex-appeal, but in those days that was the best in hand.
Both of these napkins are from 2 different Milk-bars. One was in Tel-Aviv and the other was in Haifa.
Both seem to be drawn by hand, including some typography which
has its charm now days.

The Zvika Milk-bar logo is without a doubt hand drawn (in a very naive way..) and influenced by the Israeli army paratroops symbol. After a short research I found out this place was named after Zvika Kestler. The paratroop son of the owner who lost his life in 1968 in the battles of the war of attrition (Ha'hatsha).
Now days this place functions as the old timer pub The Bear Inn (Pundak Ha'dov).

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