Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Every woman's dream

From Hebrew: Cooking with electricity, nice and easy

From Hebrew: More electricity, less work

From Hebrew:...And when we marry we'll also have Pazgaz at home

I have no idea what the national electricity company and a gas company need a promotional napkin for, but in the old days that was a good way to reach the people.
What is more typical for those days is the illustration of the happy and bashful housewife serving her faceless husband a hot drink while he's reading the newspaper after a long day at the rat-race.
Thanks to electricity, she can serve the hot tea faster than before and keep smiling. Thank you electricity!

On the second napkin for the Israeli gas company Pazgaz, you can see how to make a girl sky-rocket with joy. Marriage AND gas!

Yep those napkins seem funny today though sometimes I feel those messages aren't completely gone. Just became more sophisticated.

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